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1st X1  v  Quatt  18th April 2009

Madeley started this season where they left off last year, with a home fixture against Quatt. The result was the same although this time it was a game that we could have and should have won. This will be the one this year which will be known as "The one that got away". Madeley lost the toss and after being asked to bat found runs very hard to come by. This was due to some accurate bowling and field settings which were difficult to penetrate. Even so we should have posted a score of 160 to 170 if we had scored 5 or 6 an over for the last ten overs. Having eventually forced the opposition to place a couple or more fielders in the deep runs were available but the batsman only succeeded in getting themselves out.
However in reply Quatt lost regular wickets and at various times were 31 for 4, 87 for 6, and 116 for 9. Maybe Madeley thought the job was done but with one decent batsman still at the crease it's not over till the fat lady sings and on this occasion she didn't. With the last man at the wicket if Quatt were to win it they really should have had to bat out plenty of overs to reach their target. However just 6 overs later the game was over with the last pair being undefeated with a partnership of 31. We should have been able to get the No 11 on strike a lot more and certainly make him put the bat on ball. This didn't happen but we still had a wonderful chance to win the game when Craig Jones chipped the ball straight into mid wicket's hands but unfortunately the chance was dropped.

Never will we have a better chance of defeating Quatt. Lets hope things improve.