1st X1  v  Welshpool  13th May 2006

On a dismal day and with a poor weather forecast Madeley won the toss and invited the opposition to bat.

It was always doubtful whether a full game would be possible so it was agreed to make it a 45 over match.

In the early stages Madeley had Welshpool struggling with 4 wickets falling before there was 50 on the board. At this point rain started to fall quite sharply but strangely the umpires decided to carry on for another 4 overs. Eventually with the score at 48 - 4 and the rain hissing down play was suspended.

Two hours later the covers were removed to find that water had managed to find it's way under the covers and leave a rather wet patch at the one end.

However the umpires were of the opinion that play could restart, much to the disappointment of the Welshpool skipper. He shouldn't have been to worried though as it was at this point that our chances of winning the game diminished. The opposition moved quickly from 48 - 4 to over 100 before the next wicket fell.

With the rules stating that that the first innings must be completed (45 overs) and that only 20 overs would be bowled after 6.30pm this meant that Madeley had 28 overs to reach the total. Any score much more than 100 would prove extremely difficult

Chris Hodson eventually enticed the batsman into a poor shot and he holed out to Damian. Then Damian was reintroduced to the attack and he managed to mop up the tail. Still the opinion with the learned spectarors was that 144 was too big a target in the very gloomy conditions. Damian and Terry finished with 5 and 4 wickets respectively.

As the openers walked to the wicket it had been noted that 7 LBW's had already been given so it would be a great help if the pads could be kept out of the way.

Madeley got off to a good start with Steve Pugh immediately into his stride. Fielders were soon posted to the long off and long on boundaries. Several boundaries and a short time later with the score on 40 Steve miscued but luckily the ball just avoided the grasping hand of mid wicket. As we breathed a sigh of relief it was noticed that "Verbal" for some reason was not too far away from "Statto". A cry of get back Verb sent him scurrying back but it was too late. Verbal run out for 5.

Hoddy came to the wicket. Statto was looking to punish the bowling. He creamed a glorious 4 off his legs through mid wicket but then missed the next ball and was bowled for a fine 39 (7 fours). The score was 50 - 2. Shortly afterwards Hoddy was bowled by one that kept low. Then Pete Smith was the first of Madeley's batsman to receive the dreaded LBW.

A short time later  after "Farrah" had played across the line aiming for mid wicket and having his middle stump knocked back, and Damian had been hit on the pads first ball to find himself making a quick return to the pavilion, Madeley had collapsed to 58 - 6. Five wickets had fallen for a paltry 8 runs.

There were still 14 overs left with Andy Pugh and the Skipper at the crease. Only 4 wickets left. Andy had been rapped on the pads first ball but somehow survived. In very poor light the pair did extremely well to survive and consequently save the game. The score ended on 83 - 6. Madeley 10 points Welshpool 9


2nd X1  v  Welshpool  13th May 2006


Over at Welshpool we won the toss and decided to field.

Madeley have several promising youngsters playing in the seconds. Kieron Richards (1 for 31) and Sam Hathaway (2 for 22) opened the bowling and got Madeley off to a good start. Another youngster Rodney Dunn also bowled well for his two wickets at a cost of 10 runs.

After 20 overs Welshpool were 31 -2  but had recovered to be 116 - 6 when the rain and thunder arrived.

In the skippers words "Game Over "