Boss: His woes continue; 15th May 2006

Recap for those who have been asleep for a couple of weeks.

Several club members went down to Lords to see the Test Match against Sri Lanka but events started unfolding as soon as they hit the railway station.

Apparently Boss decided he didn't want to walk down the steps at the station so he slid down the rail. Unfortunately due to movement of a surplus of fluid stored in his body (this phenomena has already been seen re "The Herald of Free Enterprise") , the centre of equilibrium shifted dramatically and his balance failed him. The resultant backward flip would have gained a 9.9 in the gymnastics floor exercise, only losing the other 0.1 because of a bad landing.

Uncontrolled hysterical laughter followed until his mates realised his fingers were pointing in many directions.

Luckily it was his left hand

Colour disappeared from his face faster than a rat down a drainpipe, and together with him leaking like a cracked radiator meant that something was about to happen.

Luckily the skipper (Loll) was on hand to catch him before he hit the ground again.

The visit to the local hospital proved fruitless apart from wasting a few hours and witnessing some strange people doing some strange things, say no more.

On returning home Boss visited the PRH where he merely pointed out that he had had a fall??

He was told to return on Monday when a porter would be available to put his broken fingers straight.

This he wisely did, but events seemed to take a turn for the worse. The on duty porter/consultant must have had iron fists as, instead of aligning the broken bones Boss left hospital not only with the breaks that he had previously but also a crushed knuckle that had gone into roughly three pieces.

He now has to leave his knuckle to hopefully repair itself and return in another couple of weeks where IRON MIKE TYSON will have another go.  

Latest : 2nd June

After returning to the PRH without an interpreter, there wasn't a lot of understanding between Boss and the Doc (Iron Mike wasn't there so he was seen by one of Shahid Afridi's mates. One presumes it was the Doc basically because he had a stethoscope around his neck and for no other reason. The plaster cast was removed to reveal swelling and a somewhat misshapen hand. He thinks he was told to clench his fist,  (it could have been "were you pi**ed") and when the response was I can't, he was then advised to go home and put it in warm water. Whether this was his hand or something else is not clear.

Anyway Boss has decided to go private and will see someone (hopefully that he can understand) next Thursday