Trip to Lords.

The train journey down to Lords was eventful.

The loo manOn boarding it was packed with the party having to stand, huddled by the doors. Everyone that is except Verbal who found his way to a seat. When it was realised that Verbal was sitting and Deena was standing it was suggested that he swap places with Deena. However Verbal wasn't having any of that and he simply turned his infamous deaf ear (The one that he wears when playing football)

On reaching Birmingham the gang had to disembark in order to let people off the train. Then it was a simple case of getting back on and taking their seats or so it would seem.

Shortly after Deena thought it would be a good idea to take a head count. Mmmm one short, who's missing, it's Simon don't tell me he's still on the platform at Birmingham. Hang on that's the Dutchman's phone. Guess who? Yes its Woody but why are tears streaming down the Dutchman's face. Woody's stuck in the toilet and is getting desperate. Help, get the guard he shouted.

                                                                "Simon in a calmer moment"

No problem, Andy Lloyd steps forward and makes his way to the front! of the train and knocks on the drivers door. Surprisingly (not) the driver takes no notice.

So it's down to the loo where the door is well and truly stuck. Apparently loose wires and the lock hanging off. Pity this wasn't noticed earlier, must have been in a rush.

Woody's getting worse "Get me out of here, it stinks, get the guard, help". He couldn't be extracted, partly due to all bodies being paralysed with uncontrollable laughter. (apart from Woody of course)

Eventually Lloydy finds the guard who manages to release Woody from his predicament.